Young man, Old man. The gift to ALL Men

Forward from Jesse’s blog…

Yup. He’s 16…

1. An old young man will be a young old man. I often that of my self as an old young man Wise and Thankful. There is one place I can go that I feel like is the only place for me to think and that is in my own head the only save place to think.

2. Youth is pert and positive, Age modest and doubting: So Ears of corn when young and light, stand bold upright, but hang their Heads when weighty, full, and ripe. Some times I think I’m as ripe as I’ll ever get but God still reminds me that I’ve still got some growing to do every day.

3. If Passion drives, Let reason hold the Reins. A man that has a clear vision of what his life is going to be like has that drives him to keep moving. Most teenage men don’t have a passion that helps them move forward in spiritual growth.

4. He that falls in love with him self will have no rivals, but a man that falls in love with the world will die, in himself and in others. Every day I don’t just see others I see some of the pain that overwhelms them. Some pain of not knowing what tomorrow maybe or the pain of being bullied.

5. He that has a Trade has an Office of Profit and Honor. If you don’t honor God in your every day life his plans to prosper you will be all over the place. I have often wondered why I hear some of the lies the enemy says about great people I know. Romans 6:28 says “for the wages of sin is death”. Now I know that sucks but it’s the truth. If you don’t believe me go see for your self.

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