You are the first to know!

you are the first to know…and that could save you $200!! On Excellent Life Event 2014

    Are you ready to blow through the barriers barring your personal potential?
    Are you willing to take necessary steps to unleash your dreams leaving naysayers and critics in the dust?
    Excellent Life Event will empower you to break the vicious cycle of self-defeatism and wrong thinking.

    You will learn the pit-falls, principles and rewards of pursuing your dreams. Loren Norris spells out the qualities of achievers who have resiliently mastered the ability to face failure and try again until they succeed.
    He offers no-nonsense wisdom on:
  1. how to set, achieve and update your goals continuously
  2. how to develop confidence through discerning your unique strengths
  3. how to overcome the negative words and actions of others
  4. how to overcome painful events of the past and press on with courage and resolve
    Norris offers a clear plan for success.
    Each segment is filled with exciting stories, practical analogies and an insightful plan of action. If you are weary of dead-end opportunities, disappointment, schemes and failures, Loren’s wisdom will reveal how you can Live a More Excellent Life.

Excellent Life Event 2014 will help you in these areas:

  1. Identify destructive thoughts
  2. Recognize false perceptions and perspectives
  3. Engineer powerful life changing attitudes
  4. All of these have the potential to dilute your dreams or to make them INSUPERABLE!

    Loren will step-by-step encourage you to explore and evaluate your visions, goals and dreams at their full potential – enabling it to thrive during every season in your life.
    Most self-help, motivational seminars are full of catchy one-liners and quick-fix philosophies but usually miss-the-mark when providing practical instruction and real-life principles. Loren cuts through surface level rhetoric and answers the tough questions leaders want answered:
  1. ‘How to turn my dream into a financial gold-mine’
  2. ‘What is the correct way to handle difficult people and potential dream destroyers’
  3. ‘How to counter-attack the negative blows of doubt, discouragement and dysfunctional relationships’.

“An excellent communicator Loren Norris provides clear-cut and insightful wisdom on how to survive the school of hard knocks.”

Mike Arnold, MBA, International Business Consultant



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