WHY do you settle?

Do you settle? Why?

The idea that life can be better than it is today is like the flame of a candle fighting for all its worth to stand against the tempest. We all want a better life. We study for a better mind. We strive for a better health. We labor for a better career. We long for better relationships. We pray for a better spirit. Even when life is good, we want more.

 That idea, that flame is the hope that lives in the hearts and minds of all of us. Should that flame be extinguished, hope itself may well go with it. It is the rut of hopelessness that traps many would be shining stars and buries that glow from the sight of the world. It is the rut of hopelessness that extinguishes that flame.

Lives that would have been a beacon to the wandering are lost at sea themselves. Inspirations of success that would have been the voices crying out to all who suffer are hidden away in their own stale lives, they cannot share who they are or what the world needs from them.

 As you journey through this workshop, it is my hope to see unlikely heroes exposed, dreams reignited, bad habits conquered and hopelessness put to rest. Here you will find the secrets to living a more excellent life. You will:

  • Define a vision of success as you see it

  • Identify habits that divert you from your vision

  • Discover the formula for lasting change in your life

  • Tear down walls that stand between you and your vision

  • Encounter words that have been peg moments in your life

  • Take preemptive action to change

  • Avoid becoming the road kill of change

  • Become the greatest investor in your own word bank

  • Learn how to talk yourself in to a new you

  • Find markers that lead you from tragedy to treasure

  • Prioritize time, talent, treasure and attention.

  • Rekindle the passions that were snuffed out years ago

  • Learn to dream your dreams again

  • Plant small seeds today that will harvest orchards of hope in your life and the lives of others.

  • Start investing powerful words in the lives of others

  • Leave an inheritance that the IRS cannot touch.

The hardest part of any journey is the first step. But even before the first step, we must find the motivation behind the journey to begin with. If there is no point to the journey, no destination to be reached, no goal to be accomplished, no benefit to be achieved, there will be nothing to ignite the passion, nothing to fan that flame of hope.

That hope provides burning desire to complete the journey. I want to begin this journey with you.

Join me for the Live A More Excellent Life Workshop.

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