Who let the smoke out?

When you drop a light bulb, it breaks. When you drop the ball it bounces. When you drop a load, of nails, you must walk carefully for the next few steps. But if you drop a TV, like, a big old TV and the smoke gets out, then you have a whole new problem.

See when the smoke gets out, you can’t just pick up the pieces and start over. Once the smoke gets away, all hope is lost. Repair is practically impossible. Restoration may be out of the question. Why? Because the smoke is “magic.”

So what in the world is so magic about the smoke? Well, the magic of course. See you can’t buy magic smoke. It’s a bi-product of a thing done right. When all the pieces come together and all the parts work in cooperation, that creates magic smoke.

When the team in Silicon Valley creates and builds another phone or laptop, they do not have a parts list that includes magic smoke, but when they put in all the mother boards, circuitry, batteries and screens – suddenly, its in there. Don’t believe me, smash your computer or iPhone with a hammer and look closely. A very small puff of magic smoke will escape and then… It’s all over but the crying.

Do you have a team like Silicon Valley? Do you each bring something to the table that the other one does not? Do you add a part, or knowledge or chemistry to the equation, to the finished product? Do you build a product or service that requires everyone’s contribution to function properly? Then you too create that bi-product of magic smoke.

When your team gets busted, when your products is smashed to bits by a flaw, a fault, a bad run, a mistake or even the blows of the competitor or a shrinking consumer base, you run the risk of the smoke getting out. Not just the magic smoke that makes your product or service spectacular, but the magic smoke that makes your team operate at the highest level of efficiency.

Every team, every marriage, every ministry, every company or relationship that requires high levels of connection, personal contribution and compatibility runs the risk of a crack, a split, a fault line. When these things get disjointed, the smoke gets out. Teams fail. Families fall apart. When Moms and dads lose the magic smoke, it’s like dropping a load of nails. Everyone must tread lightly for a while.

So what creates magic smoke in your team?
How do you get the magic smoke in there?
How do you keep the smoke in your relationships?
How do you increase the smoke quotient in your product and services offering?

All of these questions and more will be addressed in the next blog. “How To Get The Smoke In and Keep It There”


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