Who did you learn about success from?

Many people are willing to sell you on their definition of success. Many more will sell you an ambiguous road map to success. Many more than that will tell you that success is out of reach for you. It is a secret that you do not have access to. It is a privilege you have no right to. It is a promise you have no hope to receive.

They are wrong.

Success is yours! Yours to define. Yours to access, yours by right and yours to hope for.

Those who want you to believe otherwise have only the motive that you be their slave. They fear that your success will be at their expense. They fear if all succeed there is no point to success as we will all be the same again. They fear that you knowing how to succeed takes away their power.

They are wrong.

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Define your own success. Build your own dreams and do your own work. Success should not be a well kept secret!

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