Who Am I?

Many of you reading this have no idea who I am. That’s ok, I have spent large part of my life trying to figure that out for myself.

Am I what I do for a living? If so, what happens to my identity when my career changes, I lose my job or can no longer work?

Am I a Father and nothing more? What if I had no children? What happens when they are grown? or gone? Am I a better who if I am a good father? Am I a bad who if I am a bad father? What does the behavior and success of my children, or better yet their failures say of my who?

Am I what I have studied? What I have learned? What others think of me? Ami I a product of my environment or my DNA or a sum of all those parts? Am I more than I appear to be in this life? Am I eternal? Am I everlasting? Am I a vapor? Who am I? How did I get to be that who? Can that who change? Will I always be the same who?


I must say these questions have plagued the existence of man for centuries. I am not likely to answer all of them, perhaps not any of them, but in the Spring of 2012 it is my plan to share the answers that I have discovered along the way as I ask and keep asking these questions.

I welcome and encourage your comments, ideas, thoughts and experiences. Please feel free to share. I will select certain comments to be part of the final book.

Have a great day. Discover who you are and if you know, tell me: Who am I?

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.