Which is more important? Why or how?

How do you match the colors in your branding to the design of your logo and packaging?

Is it possible that choosing colors will determine the type, quality and quantity of your client base?

A friend of mine redesigned his website not too long ago. He added blinking neon lights, dark pages with neon green text and large fonts everywhere. When he asked for my opinion I asked what kind of calls he was getting from the site. Before he could answer I jumped in and said “Let me guess, ‘What do you charge?'” We laughed together as he confirmed.

Then he asked WHY? I said color schemes scream to certain people. Your color choices scream cheap, Kia, Blue light special, Denny’s… Not Lexus, Ruth’s Chris and Nieman’s.

Had he stayed with those colors he would have stayed with those customers only and their budget concious shopping habits as opposed to quality concious clients willing to pay a premium for great service.

So ask yourself when you engage in any endeavor, study, labor or entertainment not How should I do this but WHY.

You will find that when you know why you make a decision the how will make much more sense.

That’s why you must decide on base colors before hiring a designer to make your logo pretty.

Know the final result desired and why that’s important. Focus on that desired outcome only. You will find that your goal will expand in scope and detail while your obstacles and distractions will diminish.

John Maxwell says, “The man who knows how to do a job will always have a job. The man who knows why will always be his boss.”

Let WHY drive. How will come along for the ride.

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