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“J. Loren is an insightful speaker who can relate to any audience. His words inspire while giving pratical methods for anyone to reach their dreams. J. Loren will lift your group to a higher level.”Keith Boepple

“Loren was a speaker at two events I attended this past year. He is a high-energy motivational speaker who keeps the audience engaged with his interesting topics, passion, and storytelling ability. If you are looking for a motivational speaker for your next meeting, workshop or conference, you should contact Loren.”John Carroll

“Loren has a voracious appetite for learning and is humble and teachable as a student. He blends a unique combination of experience, knowledge and perceptive insight into delivering an impactful message to reach others, whether a business leader, student, or the marginalized of society. Given his passion for people, I would highly recommend Loren as a teacher, speaker, mentor, advisor or coach.” Kristi Smith Cooper



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