What others are say… it does matter.

Peer review or critical feedback.

Peer review and critical feedback are the most powerful tools a leader can use for personal development, positive change and system improvement.

What others say, it does matter.  What are your customers saying about you? About your services? Do you ask them or do you fear the blow to self esteem and business esteem that comes from critical feedback? Also be sure you ask not only your external customers, but peers, internal customers and employees as well.  This is the only way to lead 360 and to avoid “the emperor has no clothes” syndrome.

For this post, I have shared various comments (all positive this time) from LinkedIn, video comments after events and even directly requested comments for this post.

Some things in the comments are a great demonstration of a “review” or “feedback” gone bad. Can you spot them? If you do, please leave a comment below for others who may not have noticed them. Feel free to be critical as long as its kind. Be honest, be direct, but be fair.

Have fun, I look forward to your peer review or critical feedback.

“Loren has a voracious appetite for learning and is humble and teachable as a student. He blends a unique combination of experience, knowledge and perceptive insight into delivering an impactful message to reach others, whether a business leader, student, or the marginalized of society. Given his passion for people, I would highly recommend Loren as a teacher, speaker, mentor, advisor or coach.” Kristi Smith Cooper

These were attendee at a Communication Inspired Leadership training. This four hour workshop focuses on story development, story selection and stage craft.



“Loren performs very credibly as a John Maxwell speaker, trainer and coach, facilitating leadership training focused on personal and organizational leadership, personal development, and advanced communication skills during regularly scheduled leadership power lunches. These forums bring together a diverse group of shakers and movers from a broad spectrum of professional communities of interest with varied leadership insights and experiences. I directly attribute my seamless transition from a military career of 29 years into the private sector working as a project manager for an exceptional employer (Southwest Airlines) to Loren and his program. He has done a noteworthy job in preparing and presenting a first-rate program, and in identifying other quality presenters that he very ably mentors and develops as public speakers.”

Doug Turlip ~ Project Manager, Maintenance and Engineering Department at Southwest Airlines

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