What makes you stay when the pay is low and the hours are long?

More people around the world leave their employment due to a lack of appreciation than leave for low pay or long hours.

In the extremely competitive business climate of the last decade, it has become even more important for our clients to know how important they are to us. Special rates, short-term deals and other financial incentives may motivate a certain group of clients and  potential clients. Attracting and retain ing the ideal customer has become harder than ever before. Connecting with customers in a way that builds long-term loyalty can be a monumental undertaking and a huge expense.

Many years experience in sales and marketing has demonstrated to me that we as leaders tend to focus only on those attributes and successes for which there is a compensation or incentive plan with our employees. Since we know you will always get more of what you incentivize, I understand the need to drive behavior that drives the bottom line into the black.  However, I also understand the best paid employees do not always demonstrate the greatest character. Companies tend to hire people for what they know or what they have accomplished and fire them for who they are.

Customers often respond to the best offer, lowest rate or greatest return, but it is a long-term human relationship that keeps them as loyal customers. By colorfully retelling the real life customer stories of your greatest team players, The Power of PDA calls attention to individual behavior that best demonstrates the spirit behind the mission of the company and the leadership.  It is time to parade that acknowledgment for all the world to see.

People who have greatly contributed to the success of the organization may have done so in heroic ways that do not warrant a bonus or commission check, but deserves to be revealed to everyone else in a public setting.  This process endears the loyalty of the person who receives such accolades and creates an emotional longing for recognition in the mind of those who were not called out. This is not always so with a numbers only based reward system which tends to be competitive rather than inspiring.

I would like an opportunity to talk with you further regarding your upcoming events that require a speaker.

I believe Unleashing the Power of PDA to Become a Leader in Your Industry would be an incredibly good fit for the events you may have planned for employees.

This presentation focuses on the value of appreciation. Appreciating the nature of the job, the tendencies of your employees, the position of the customer and appreciating those things in a verbal way for all to see.

Please let me know if we could discuss this idea further. I would love to share some stories from the past with you.

Thank you,

J Loren Norris

President – Tell It Like It Is, Inc.


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