What life lessons do you wish you’d learned earlier?

The “Nine Lessons of Mastery” is a mentoring course taken straight from the pages and content of “Live A More Excellent Life”

Here are the 9 Lessons:

1. “Memorize the image! Develop an insuperable vision for your life.”

2. “Reflect on your day, every day, to make tomorrow a better day.”

3. “Identify the source of, assign responsibility for and take authority to overcome limitations in your life.”

4. “Think about the habits you never have to think about.”

5. “W.I.P. It! – Develop your intuition and intention – predicting habit results.”

6. “Make “THANK YOU” an intentional habit, in word and deed.”

7. “Plant seeds of time, talent, treasure & attention if you want to grow your vision.”

8. “Learn quickly from the mistakes and successes of others.”

9. “Develop a rich word bank: Speak well of yourself and others.”



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