What I have seen working with young people nearly 20 years…

Since 1996 I have spoken to, entertained or chaperoned events for kids 8-18 years old every single week of my life.

I have delivered motivational speeches from 90 seconds up to 45 minutes with the hope of imparting ideas, encouragement, direction and challenges to better themselves. There are events where the kids deeply engage, play games, ask and answer questions, interact with one another and show great interest. There also times when they stonewall every thing happening from the stage, then later send emails and letters expressing how something really made them think.

I used call it “inspired vagary” when the entire mood of the room changed based solely on the song that was playing, now I call it ATTITUDE ENGINEERING. I realize the impact and influence that can be made in such subtle moves as music pace, popularity of the song or artist or even the tone of voice I use when I speak to them. I watch these young people of all ages change their friends, relationships, and passions on a dime. I believe young people need to be challenged. They need to know that we as parents and leaders believe and expect great things of them.

Two statements express my heart when it comes to young people:
1. “You will become the average of the 5 people you hang out with.” Nepolian Hill
2. “Give a man a fine reputation to live up to, and he will.” Dale Carnegie

If we can inspire, influence and motivate young people to see and become the best versions of themselves, we can change the world!

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Compassionate, real and humorous, Loren impacts the lives of everyone he meets. He inspires audiences with wisdom, motivation, and hope. His story is transparent and transforming … His life is a refreshing “victim to victor story” … one that will encourage the heart of any audience. Loren frequently reminds audiences, “Regardless of your past; the mistakes you have made and what has been ‘done to you’, how you see you and the attitude you carry through life will determine your future.”

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