What has the power to impact 120 mentors, 300 teachers, 2,500 students?

Live A More Excellent Life has been used to mentor students since 2012.

Endorsement from teachers, educators and leaders speak volumes about the impact of the content of Live A More Excellent Life.

“Loren and I have partnered for several years to help others in their quest for excellence. In this book, Loren takes the experience from those face-to-face encounters and presents it in a readily accessible path any person could follow. Whether you’re in a low valley of life or sitting atop a personal mountain, “Live a More Excellent Life” offers practical tools for advancement. This book should be in the library of every serious self-activator.” – Robb Brewer PhD

Revised with Group Study questions at the end of each chapter. 

This book has been used by 120 mentors and 300 teachers to motivate over 2,500 high school students as a youth mentoring program for personal growth and leadership development. 

Order copies for your student body, class leaders, small group or study group today. 

Ask about special pricing for large quantities and schools. 

Mentor kits available with worksheets for mentors and students, audio files for the mentors and teachers and a digital copy of the book with rights to reprint for one year. 

Order 200 or more books before April 1, 2016 to have speaking fees waived when booking Loren to speak for your big event.

 Order Live A More Excellent Life here  

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