What are you thinking?

Did you know that thinking is the least conducted work? That is because it is the most difficult work. Herein lies an opportunity to increase the quality of the results you are getting from the work you are doing, just by doing more thinking. Simple thinking alone will not do it though. You must think specifically, intentionally and repeatedly.

  • Think specifically. What is it that you want to accomplish? A new way of doing business? A new product line? A new book? A new career? New sales? New clients? These things you want to accomplish need your undivided attention for some period of time. If you want to create a new product, begin to focus your thoughts on some targeted questions: What that product will do? Who the product will serve? What problem will your product solve? In every one of the scenarios above there are important questions to ask that will direct your productivity toward success.
  • Think intentionally. Many people in recent years have been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. Many people truly have a chemical reason for an inability to focus in the same way everyone else does. Several people simply use that “diagnosis” as an excuse for allowing their thoughts to wander from one subject, task or goal to another so quickly that they cannot accomplish what they set out to do. When you think intentionally, you force the mind to focus on the task at hand, the goal you are seeking after and the subject itself is isolated. When you commit your energies to thinking intentionally, the success level in each endeavor will increase dramatically.
  • Think repeatedly. The mother of all learning is repetition. If you want to keep an idea as a permanent part of your lifestyle, choices, habits and reactions you must perform that task repeatedly many times over. When you think repeatedly about a specific task, project or goal you raise your awareness of that project and all the intricate details involved in the success of that project. The moment an idea that will accelerate completion of that project crosses your path, you recognize it and ways to put it in to play. Soon thinking becomes a habit and you do it without having to be consciously aware of that you are focused on thinking.

I am well aware that about half of you will read this and think I am talking in circles. Half of those will simply dismiss the whole concept and return to Facebook. The other half of those will ask themselves? Will I understand this better if I read it again? The half of you who did not think I was talking in circles are considering the notion that most people do very little if any specific, intentional, repeated thinking. You are liking asking yourself, “What will happen if I try to commit myself the time to focus all thought energy on one task, idea or notion? Will I really have a new level of success or accomplishment in that area?”

Here is my challenge. Try thinking for a change. (There is a great book by John Maxwell with the same title.)

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