What Are Peg Moments?

What Are Peg Moments?

When an elephant is young and just learning to stand and walk, the trainer of that elephant will tie a massive rope to the leg of that baby elephant and tie off the other end of the rope to a huge stake or anchor in the ground. As the baby elephant tries to walk away, it quickly realizes that even with all it’s might it cannot pull up that stake.

Over a period of time, it will simply reach the end of the rope and stop. Eventually the slightest resistance will remind the elephant that attempts to carry on are futile. Sadly, when that elephant is full grown to five tons or more, with the ability to walk through walls and move thousands of pounds, it will still stop at the end of the rope.

I know from my own experience and from the many people I have counseled with, prayed with and brainstormed with, that this training method has been used on humans for years with great success.

Peg moments are moments that someone close to you or important to you establishes an anchor in your life that remains for many years. It is an anchor that for many people will later dictate their relationships, their educational choices, their career paths and in some instances simply extinguish the flame of hope that burned passionately for their life long dream. I call that a peg moment.

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