Warning signs of success

Signs of success

Anthony Robbins says “Success leaves clues.”

Dr. Phil says, “How’s that working for you?”

It seems too simple to be true. There are people on your left and right who have managed their way through the worst golf swing ever. People who came through a horrible career choice and seem to always land on their feet. If you know people like that and you want to know what makes them different from you. Ask!

Do you ever watch the results of those around you and wonder why their success is not yours? Do you wonder why you do not have the same “luck?” Do you watch with envy as everything they touch seems to turn to gold? What makes them different? Why do they seem to get what they want and you do not? Have you ever asked them?

There are signs that tell you when you are going the wrong way and there are signs that tell you when you are going the right way. In order to stay in the fast lane moving the direction of your vision you must follow both.

Success breeds success

Seek out people who have already found success at what you want to do. Offer to buy them lunch or something in exchange for an opportunity to ask them some questions about the path they found to their success. I am willing to bet you will hear about mistakes they made along the way.

Dave Ramsey as an example was worth millions before he was bankrupt. He took the lessons he made from his money mismanagement and turned his experiences into a life changing empire called “The Total Money Make Over.” His radio show, study course materials and his books have set millions of people free from the pitfalls of poor money management. What could you learn from a guy like that besides the obvious money management tricks and tools?

He can teach you how failure does not mean defeat. He can teach you some of the pitfalls to avoid. He can show you where the traps are, where the quicksand is, where the wild beasts are hiding, and where you have the best odds of finding the buried treasure.

You probably know someone like that. One thing you should know about successful people is, there is something about character that makes the path to success much more likely. It could not hurt to emulate the character of the successful people you know. Surround yourself with them and learn to treat others the way they do.

Granted there are jerks in every area of life. There are wealthy people who want only to mock you and demean your pending success. There are those who would laugh at your request and shame you into silence. Forget about them and keep looking. Their success will be short lived, until they gain the character to support it. The best thing you can learn from them is how NOT to do it.

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