Vision statements have been hailed as the “holy grail”!

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Vision statements have been hailed as the “holy grail”!


Vision statements have been hailed as the “holy grail” of organizations, individuals, companies and churches for decades and yet so few of them create a “VISION” that others can see and follow.

People buy in to the vision and the leader when they are clear what to expect from either or both. A vision statement that is nothing more than a string of well intended words simply will not create a “cause oriented buy in”. That means not investors, no volunteers and no passion to charge on when obstacles come.

This 2 disc audio set walks the listener through the exact same material that Loren teaches in the 2-hour live event Insuperable Vision Workshop.

This Workshop/ CD will likely cause you to rethink every thing you have been thinking about your vision, mission, goals and business or organizational strategy as they relate to this topic. Be prepared to listen again and again and make fine tuning adjustments each time.

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