VIP INVITATION filming session

"Leading Transformation Through Stories" filming session. 

Soon I will be recording an all day training to cover the entire course of “Leading Transformation Through Stories.”

This is the same course I work through with my coaching clients over 90 days.
The same course that has been taught at Gateway over three weeks.

The same course that has been taught in several workshops and seminars.

After filming the event we will load it for an online members only course.

There will be limited opportunity to be in the sessions as they are recorded.

You will need to:

  • Be available all day on a week day.
  • Be willing to invest in the training course.
  • Agree to be filmed and sign a release form.
  • Bring your personal journal and Kleenex.
  • Be willing to be challenged and pushed to the limit.
  • Be willing to present in front of 20-25 strangers several times.
  • Be a solid communicator a with skill, and talent AND room to grow.

IN RETURN You will receive:

  • Intense training that will empower you create the most powerful, authentic illustrations from your own personal stories.
  • One year access to the Membership site.
  • One three hour coaching session of individual attention.
  • One manual and tool kit to keep you ready to create new powerful stories at the drop of a hat.

NOTE: not everyone who applies will be accepted.

Please email to get the date and cost details and to be considered.

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