Turkey or eagle? What kind of leader are you?

Learning to fly does not a flightless bird make. Even the best eagles struggle in the beginning.

I believe the 12 incredible leaders who followed Jesus needed to be tested in their integrity, their loyalty, their diligence like everyone else.

Their leader, the Almighty God of Grace knew they would falter but rise again. These were no turkeys. These were eagles in the midst of battle.

All of them managed to rise again, save the one for whom all hope was lost.

If struggle in the midst of my endeavor to serve my King makes me a failure as a leader at the first sign of a test, if that makes me a turkey and not an eagle, if learning to suffer as He suffered disqualifies me some how… Then stuff me up for Thanksgiving.

I have yet to see a greater leader alive than the “turkey” who betrayed Jesus three times before the sun came up. That is one turkey I long to share a table with.

If I too can rise again as Peter did, see the miracles he witnessed, the lives he touched, walk in the shadow he cast, I too can become an eagle, and so can you.

Do not allow the naysayers to count you out, cast you aside or carve you up as a turkey because you are still learning to fly. But thrust your head high in grace, throw your wings out bold and strong and leap into the winds of Grace. It is your time to soar, your King awaits. Arise.


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