Trinity High School Survey Results are in. See them here.

In September of 2012, I delivered a keynote presentation to 2,500 students at Trinity High School in Euless, Texas. After that address, the school adopted the Insuperable Vision for their 9 month mentoring program. (Insuperable Vision was adapted for teens from the book Live A More Excellent Life by J Loren Norris)

Below are a many comments (the good, the bad and the ugly) from 300 teachers and 120 volunteer mentors who facilitated the program through the 2012-2013 school year.


“Survey from Trinity High School with regard to Insuperable Vision mentoring program for teens”

“A few of the games or questions asked plus showing a short video. The additional exercises were great.”

“We used the topics within the curriculum every time and for us, it worked well. We were able to initiate a discussion during each meeting.”

“The ideas presented in this year’s program seemed to resonate with my students. They did listen to the audio files pretty well and have comments after we listened.”

“The content was excellent. I especially liked the lesson about gratitude. Even as adults, we often don’t appreciate a kindness such as a stranger greeting us of paying us a compliment. I like that this lesson made the kids aware of being thankful for even very small kindnesses. The kids really enjoyed texting their family and friends to express gratitude. To sum it up, the lessons applied to all the kids and I think they benefited.”

“Most any of the “lessons” that involved an activity or illustration of some kind were the most effective, the more involved the better. If we just put a topic out on the floor, giving little or no examples or activity to generate ideas, there was usually only a couple of students who would volunteer input (leaving way too much talking from mentor and teacher :->). paper. but I always started out by “studying” the digital (email) curriculum first before transferring any of my ideas onto paper.”

“Activities that have the students get up and move. They are tired of just sitting. I appreciated having a guideline to follow. Many times I used part of the provided lesson and my own materials.”

“This was my second year as a Trojan Mentor and the materials didn’t seem as interesting as the prior year. Responding to videos. However, most of the videos (last year) were brief, and student responses rarely filled the allotted time. Some of the activities required too much preparation in proportion to the effectiveness of the activities.”

“Wonderful program, what I find most effective are experiential exercises. We spend a short time introducing the topic and then “do” something to illustrate. Working with the students, the networking, discussing case studies with the students, conducting hands-on lessons with the students.”

“Bringing in snacks for the students.”

“I read each session and mold it to fit my Trojan Talk students’ needs. The concepts provided good ideas for discussion, but there wasn’t enough “meat” – it was more like an outline than a curriculum. However, it did give me more freedom to find what worked for my group. It gave me ideas…a few of which I used most of the material and more that I used the idea and used most of my own material.”

“Activities that demonstrate a point are more effective in our group than “sharing” opportunities per se. If you can use an activity as a jumping-off point, the sharing will generally happen naturally. My skills as a Coach allowed me to tailor the lesson to the specific class. I focus on the lesson for the day but stay very flexible in how it is facilitated.”

“The teens seemed to really like our interaction and I hope I am in Elaine Hsieh’s class again next year. Some of the teens with whom I worked the last 2 years expressed that they hope I am back again with them and I hope the same.”

“Not many. These kids are way above most of the programs. For instance your last class said for them to pick out “heroes” to emulate. I explained to them that “role models” are who are to be emulated. Heroes are people who make great sacrifice to save others. (Jumping on a grenade in wartime). Role models are people with admirable traits and character.”

“Topics were interesting I actually do not use it. We do our own thing. I felt the curriculum to be a bit weak this year, so we ad lib a lot, which worked for us.”

“I like the flexibility to have the kids respond to information or events in the news.”

“Some of the topics worked, but I did have to “tweak” them to make them work for our group of students.”

“We used a number of the journaling suggestions, which the students seemed to enjoy filling out. I kept their responses in individual envelopes, assuring them their envelope would not be opened. When these were returned to the students at the last session, I noticed that most of the students took a few minutes to read over their entries from the school year.”

“The sessions where the students were ‘forced’ to mingle with others they might not have known.”

“The lesson into the book were very easy to follow. Some (but not most) were something you could expand on and get some input. However see question #5 ..:))) ”

“I liked most of the Insuperable Vision material however not all of the lessons worked with the students.”


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