Transforming Stories Mentorship Group. BEGINS AUGUST 22 #TSTL

Your story could save a life or even thousands of lives… Unless those who need you never hear it.

What keeps you from sharing your story with the specific group of people who need to hear it?

Here are some of the most common answers I get to the question.

“I am not sure where to begin.”
“Everyone needs to hear my story.”
“I tell the whole thing to anyone who will listen.”
“I am not sure my story is interesting enough.”
“I am fearful of sharing too much or hurting people from my past.”
“My story is not unique enough for anyone to care.”
“I want to make money speaking and selling books but I heard no one pays for “memoirs” anymore.”

If you have said or thought any or all of these, this is the mentoring group for you.

We will walk from the very foundations of how your story intersects with your life’s purpose all the way through to how, when and why to start a pod cast, radio show or seminar series. Participants will learn and polish story crafting skills, public speaking skills, stage presence and social media strategies.

Over the next 9 Blocks and 27 Sessions we will be very intentional about selecting just the right parts of your story for the audience who is listening today, delivering that story in the way they want to hear it, positioning it where they will find it in their own quest. They are in search of a hero and that hero is YOU!!

It’s time for your story to be discovered!

Transforming Stories. Transforming Lives. Mentor Group will only accommodate five participants per group. Group 82214 has three seats remaining.

If you would like to see the program outline and schedule session dates please email me:


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