Are you living your dream yet?

Here are the three steps you need to take to live your dream:

  • Take back your dreams
    – write out every way you could live your dream
  • Prepare to live your dream
    – get the practice, the training or the tools your dream requires
  • Pay the price to realize your dream
    – be ready to sacrifice and change to achieve your dream

The passion for speaking and entertaining was too much for me to let go of. Every time I hit another negative peg moment I pulled with all my might until I broke free. After more than ten years working for a fortune 50 company, I got laid off. I told myself, “I did not live my dream yesterday, and I am not living it today, but tomorrow is the best chance I have.”

I took my dreams back

When other job offers came in I stuck to my guns to be self-employed. For the last six years I have been self-employed as a Mobile DJ, MC and karaoke host! I love to DJ weddings because I get to talk on the mic. When I do Karaoke team building events, I get to talk and sing… and get paid for it. Yeah! But more than that, these things allowed me to pursue my passion for public speaking and writing.

I prepared to live my dream

I knew I loved to talk, but that did not mean I was any good at it, so I joined Toastmasters in August 2010, I got my Competent Communicator for Christmas and my Advanced Communicator Bronze in July, and my Competent Leader Award in October 2011.   I entered a few speech contests and in 2011 I competed in the World Championship of Public speaking in Las Vegas, Nevada. I made it all the way to the semifinals out of 35,000 contestants.

I started writing my first complete book Live A More Excellent Life in August 2010 and published it in July 2011. I published God At Work in February this year.

John C Maxwell has authored 60 titles, sold over 20,000,000 books, and spoken to millions of people about leadership. He has coached, trained and advised CEOs of the largest companies in the world.  They say “success leaves tracks,” I am determined to find them and follow them. I joined the John Maxwell Team to become a better speaker, trainer and coach and to partner with one of the industry’s best.

I paid the price to realize my dream

It has not been easy. It has been hard work, late nights and early mornings studying, reading and writing, rehearsing and rehearsing some more. We had to make changes in our family budget to stay self-employed. We work almost every weekend as a family. When the opportunity to join the John Maxwell Team came up, it was a huge financial sacrifice, but one we made as a family.

When that day comes when all those dreams are complete, it will not be an accident, a miracle perhaps, but not an accident.

Just remember your most likely opponent will be you!

I wanted to quit and “get a job” many times over the last few years. You have to surround yourself with people who believe in you and who will push you when you get to the end of yourself. I’m begging you to call me, I will push you. I promise! I want you to live your dream that much.

What I have done is no secret. What I have accomplished is not impossible. What I have done – you can do. Start kissing every toad that walks by until you find your Prince Charming. Look past that frog to the moment that your dream comes true. The frog will pale in comparison.

Take your dreams back, prepare to live your dreams, and pay the price to realize your dreams.

What if you live YOUR DREAM?!

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