Thought Life: Willpower – Discipline requires a submitted mind.

Thought VS _____ "Waging War" Part 4

Thought Life: Willpower – Discipline requires a submitted mind.

It takes great will power to change your diet, begin and maintain an exercise program, or complete a college course. Great will power is a discipline requiring understanding, passion, knowledge and commitment.

Without taking control of our thoughts, we will never reach a point of discipline or will power enough to make lasting change in any area of our lives. We must be willing to concentrate on the specific thoughts we allow to cruise through our mind. We must be willing to capture some of those thoughts and force them to comply with what we have already chosen to be passionately committed to.

As an example, a new diet is not simply starving for a few days, nor is it selecting one new healthy food to eat. A diet change means identifying WHY you want to diet, setting a goal for accomplishment to WHEN you have reached success, and a plan for HOW you will proceed. When a “craving” arises for chocolate cake, or a carton of Blue Bell ice cream, those thoughts must be identified as “NOT IN LINE” with your WHY, WHEN or HOW. These thoughts are not submitted to your goal. These thoughts and cravings will take you off course, delay your accomplishment and are in conflict with the WHY that you chose to diet in the first place.

A submitted mind is a mind that is constantly brought into accountability. Asking internal questions such as: Will this thought become an action or a habit? If I continue with this thought, will it benefit me and others? If I meditate on this thought will it lead me closer to or further from my goals? Is this thought consistent with my core values?

If you are not asking these questions, then a momentary thought, an mental interruption or even a sudden emotional reaction could derail your train of thought. Your mental and emotional energy could be hijacked and unintentionally devoted to thoughts, actions and habits that are counter productive to your life and destiny.

If you want to have will power, you must discipline your mind to be submitted. No random thoughts should be allowed to take over. No hijacked thoughts or feelings should be permitted.

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