This is tribute to a great man who left a great mark, Bill Hurlbut.

The sunset fading on the beach is a gorgeous sight. But the sunset of life fading away makes us ask some serious questions.

What mark did I leave behind for others?
Was I significant in the life of at least one someone?
Did I pass through this life as nothing more than a mere survivor?

In the fading days we will have only the chance to reflect and ponder the answer to these questions. In all truth we have no idea how many days we have, which will be our last or when it will be too late to change the answer.

We do know that we have right now. This moment is ours to do with as we see fit. We can choose to have an attitude of survival and focus only on our own needs, wants and desires, or we can choose to focus on the wants, needs and desires of those around us.

Take a moment now and choose. Who will you live for, yourself or others? Will you leave a positive mark on life, or just be buried deep and forgotten? What passions in your heart have you left hidden? What dreams were you born with that will be six feet under when you are? What hope of a better life have you gotten hold of and pushed through to the next generation?

If you have never pondered those questions, now is the best time you will ever have to do it.

Pursue your dreams. Live out your hopes with passion and you will be significant to someone!

Leave a comment and let me know the ways your dreams and passions are making a significant impact in someone’s life.

See you on the other side Bill!

Have a blessed day!
J Loren Norris

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