The power of reflection to reinforce your internal communication

Transforming stories are often found in the reflection of your journal pages.

Sometimes I need a gentle reminder…”I carry within me the power to change lives. The power of words, the power of appreciation, the power of the Spirit of infinite and limitless Love. All of this lives in me. All of this is able and anxious to flow through me. All of this is my constant contribution to the world while I am in it.

reflect, write, journal with J Loren Norris

Being a gifted communicator is a skill set that I must master and perfect to be the vehicle of life changing words, and deeds and love that I was made to be.

This is my highest vision. How I accomplish it will be in the books I write, the words I speak from the stage, on video, on audio and face to face in relationships and the most random encounters.

Every thought action and feeling will be driven by the insatiable desire to improve the quality of lives whose path I cross through words of passionate encouragement and appreciation.” ~ J Loren Norris – Journal entry ~ July 9, 2012

What does your journal remind you?

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