The Power of PDA

Do you work in place of stress and friction? Do you often wish that you could press an easy button, get away on Southwest Airlines, or cry out Calgon take me away?

Do you work in a place filled with idle chatter, frilly words, and self serving flattery? Do you wish you could turn of the fluff and filter everything said back to the true intent and purpose of the chatterbox?

If you have been in one of these two work environments or relationships, you understand the frustration of millions.

Sadly, we have reached a place in society that certain employees expect that constant barrage of fluffy kind words of feel good. Without them, they question their worth. They accuse you, to your boss, of being disconnected, not caring about them personally, or not even being aware they exist.

Contrast that with the old school bosses, who would more likely say, “It’s about time you show up. Your shift starts in five minutes. We have been working for the last 20 minutes without you.”

We have gone from a Mental Toughness Generation to Me Too Generation.

What was once, “I believe your team lost the game because you have to be willing to run and kick to play soccer.” Is now, “Oh my gosh, you showed up for the game, here’s your ribbon.”

What was once, “We will need to work harder than this to win.” is now, “It doesn’t matter how many games you win, everyone gets a trophy.”

In the work place, that might sound like:
“Hey where is my bonus? I showed up every day too.”
“Why would I want to stay past five each day? I won’t overtime or anything.”
“That’s not my job. If “they” want the customer to be happy with the product, “they” should make a better product.”

The Power of PDA can bring perspective to these challenges in your organization.

Learn to answer these five key questions:
What is PDA?
Who needs PDA?
Who gets PDA?
Who gives PDA?
Who is impacted by PDA?

Does your organization know the Power of PDA?

Currently only available as a live presentation, The Power of PDA can be presented to your organization as a Keynote address, Lunch N Learn or Half Day Workshop with interactive exercises and hands on application.

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