The 7 P’s of Fulfillment

With all the talk of unemployment, recession and rough markets, more and more people are looking for more than just a paycheck from their work. It is nice to pay the bills, it is even nicer to have the “extra money” to live a lifestyle of comfort and ease.

What if the bills barely get paid, you are forced to down size or start over and on top of all that you are frustrated, aggravated and fed-up with the work you do for a paycheck.

It is time to employ the 7 P’s of fulfillment and begin to make your way toward success that runs deeper than the number of digits on your deposit slip.

Here are the 7 P’s.

Purpose: Take a long hard look at your greatest strengths. What could you do that you are really good at? What are you so good at that people would actually pay to see you do it, or have you do it for them? That can quickly point to your purpose and may not have anything to do with the vocation you are in now or have been in the past.

Passion: What is that you are really good at, that you love so much you would do it for free, just to have the opportunity to do it over and over again? That is your passion. I hear you saying, “What if that passion is painting really small pictures inside a ball?” Well, there are people making millions of dollars doing that, don’t rule it out.

Plan: Once you have determined your purpose, and identified your greatest passion you should start working on a plan to allow you opportunities to do that thing, service or project. Volunteer somewhere if that will allow you the time to focus on your craft.

Practice: Practice is the key. Take every opportunity that comes along to perform your passion and purpose for others to observe, participate in and appreciate. There is no such thing as too much practice. The key to mastery of any task is repetition. The more times you do it, the better you will be at it. Just make sure you learn the RIGHT way to do it, or you will learn to do it wrong and by the time it is a habit, it will be fiercely difficult to correct.

Patience: You will be excited and exuberant that you are now living in the path of your purpose and passion. You will be ecstatic to have a plan worth executing that will lead one day to fame and fortune as well as complete and utter joy. But be patient. That will not happen overnight. John Maxwell said “I became an overnight success and it only took me 20 years to do it.” Just because you have found what you want to be doing and should be doing the rest of your days, don’t quit your day job just yet. Master your craft. Become an inch wide and a mile deep. A Kung Fu master once stated, “I do not fear the 10,000 punches you know fairly well. I fear the one punch that you have practiced 10,000 times.” Become the best of the best at what you do.

Persistence: Many people give up their dreams way to easily and way to early. As a result, they find themselves back where they do not want to be, in a boring and mundane job that eats up their time like a cancer to their joy. This cancer wants to spread to you. Like lobsters in a barrel, they will not let you climb out. You must ignore the nay sayers and press on. Be committed to your purpose, passion and plan and keep practicing!

Professional: One day all your persistence and practice will pay off. You will wake up and find that you are compensated handsomely for what you would gladly do for free. You are zeroing in on what you have sought and invested in all these years. Keep it up!

Peace: Even if that handsome compensation is 25% of what you made before, you will find yourself so happy to be doing what you love that you will scarcely consider it work and will marvel at the idea of being paid to do it. This delightful experience will undoubtedly bring you great peace and contentment.

These 7 P’s seem so easy that many will take them for granted or simply take them lightly. This would be a big mistake. That attitude is the first thing to send you down the road of complacency. Just because the steps are simple, does not mean that completing them is easy.

Buckle in. Work hard. Look deep. and Embrace the 7 P’s of fulfillment. There is no reason for your life to be less than it was meant to be.

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