Tell It Like It Is

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Do you tell stories to lead your team? Do you tell stories to share your message? Do you tell stories to influence others? Then you and your team should attend this 4 hour workshop. Space is limited to allow everyone a chance to speak, practice and demonstrate mastery of the lessons learned.

Drawing from years of speaking experience, a natural gift at story telling and volumes of research Loren will teach and you will learn then practice very simple but specific tools for making your story sell!!

J Loren Norris, Toastmaster World Championship of Public Speaking Semifinalist, Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team, veteran trainer for Verizon and Dale Carnegie volunteer coach for five years will walk you through the steps to creating, crafting and telling your story in the most compelling way.

Here is a brief sample of what you will learn:

The BIG Ws
WHO are you talking too? Almost all audiences, clients, employers, boards are made up of: Moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents

WHAT do you need to tell them to get there attention, keep their attention and move them in your direction by connecting with their higher motives?

WHAT ACTION do you want them to take?

WHERE is it you want them to go with you? To a decision? To a change of heart? To a change of mind? To a purchase? To a new method?




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