Speak Up!

When you believe the best about others and speak positively to them, most people will feel better about themselves and respond positively to you. You have an immense opportunity to direct your own life when you take the power of the spoken word and put it to work for you in your daily activities.

Now before you think I have lost my marbles, I am not saying to yell at the red lights to turn green, the electric bill to pay itself or your bank account to mysteriously sprout funds. But I am saying that thousands of Olympic athletes and millions of people every day better their lives by changing the things they see themselves doing and controlling better the words they utter to themselves and out loud.

I challenge you to look in the mirror and realize that the toughest critic you will ever have, the harshest words you will ever hear spoken to you, the most fickle intent you will ever try to discern will come from the face staring back at you. While you are there. Tell that someone that you are loved. You are capable. You are talented and you are worthwhile.

Let me help you to create a new daily habit. Write this down.

“I am the best me ever made. There is not another one. No one can be a better me. No one can love like me, smile like me, laugh like me or live like me. Today I will be happy to be me and I will be proud of me.”

Now read it out loud with me… Again… Again… Like you believe it now… How does that feel?

Imagine for a moment that you had a list of other things that were uniquely you, your goals, your dreams, your visions. What if you made a list of them and read them aloud every morning after brushing your teeth? How do you think you would feel about those goals? About those dreams? About your vision for the future?

Step back for a moment now. Do you have a friend or coworker, a spouse or child or sibling who struggles with doubt and fear? If you could see them right now, how much would it mean to them if you replaced I and ME with YOU.

“YOU the best YOU ever made. There is not another one. No one can be a better YOU. No one can love like YOU, smile like YOU, laugh like YOU or live like YOU. Today YOU should be happy to be YOU and I am proud of YOU.”

How does that feel? How do you think they would feel if you said that to them each morning after you brushed your teeth?

There are many ways in which words impact us, but there are three things we must consider about each word or group of words to determine how much impact we will allow them to have in our lives.

Consider the validity – Do you believe those words to be true about you? You should. They are!

Consider the motivation – If you cannot love you and respect you, it will be near impossible to love and respect others or to be loved and respected by others.

Consider the source – The face in the mirror is your toughest critic, if you win them over, the rest is easy.

Next will read a real life word power example.



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