Success requires vision! Do you have a turtle’s eye view?

What has turtle thinking stopped in your life?

“Even if they are in the same position, at the same place, at the same time. Even if they are standing in the same SPOT! A giraffe and a turtle do not see
on the same level.” T. D. Jakes

I cannot tell you how many times I have navigated my life by the view point and vantage point of turtles.

Turning this way and that. Avoiding and maneuvering around obstacles that beset turtles when I could have chosen to simply see beyond them, to step over them, to ignore what posed no threat to me.

I have allowed the voices of turtles and turtle thinking to muddy my thoughts, squelch my ambitions, mute my passions and silence my voice.

Today and forever more, I choose to rise above, to think higher thoughts in a higher plane, to see the future from other eyes.

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