Social justice??

“Social justice, as it has been proposed in America, may be doomed before the gates are open if the Pareto Principle applies to humans of all social status.

If Pareto is true…
80% who don’t have – don’t have because the won’t do — more often than they don’t have because they can’t do or others won’t let them do.

20% who do have – will do, have done and always will.

If a tree avoided sunshine and asked another to bear fruit it would be fruitless.”

I am willing to test this theory.

If you WANT TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE and you cannot afford (do not have the ability to make a sacrifice financially) I will give you a ticket to Excellent Life Event 2014.

If the Pareto principle is accurate, those who WON’T — will have an excuse not to come even for FREE and those who see value in being challenged, encouraged to grow and educated will feel a tinge of guilt over accepting a free ticket.


1. Registration is required. Ask for the code.

2. If you desire to come and need a FREE ticket email me with your story/ explanation at

(This extra step will stop most DON’T HAVES)

J Loren Norris


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