Servant leadership requires an Attitude of Cooperation.

Have we lost sight of service? Have we as a people, as a community, as a nation forgotten what it means to stand WITH one another rather than standing FOR?

Why does it seem that the only reason we “help others” is for the notoriety or the recognition? Why do several organizations strive to serve the same groups of people in need? Why do these organizations not cooperate and multiply their efforts?

I am afraid it is in the ATTITUDE they possess toward those they are committed to help. I am afraid it is in the ATTITUDE they possess toward the recognition of their service. I am afraid it is in the ATTITUDE they possess toward the reason behind their service… Their WHY!!

So let me ask you the simple question: What is the vision for your organization?

More deeply:
Can you lead from that vision?
Is it clear WHO you serve and WHY?
Do you possess and demonstrate an Attitude of Cooperation in your organization?

Jesus didn’t see us as projects to be fixed, but as real people to be loved.

There’s a monumental difference between creating services to help people and becoming one of them—it’s the difference between for and with. When we do things for people, we feel superior, and to no one’s surprise, the recipients often feel inferior.


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