Rock the boat.

It takes three things to rock the boat, four to turn it over: Two today – two tomorrow.

Challenge the status quo

    • “No one can run the mile in less than 4 minutes.” Until May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister did. Since then many runners have. In 2001 a high school boy did too. So far no females have run the mile 4 minutes.

    • “No one can play basketball professionally whose under 6 feet tall.” Until 1985, when Anthony Jerome went to college, amazing coaches everywhere, winning the slam dunk contest. He played 814 career games avg 9.9 points/game and retired from the NBA in 1998. Spud Webb also judged the slam dunk contest of 2010.

    • “No American president has ever been Catholic, or a woman, or black.” Until JFK, then President Obama.

    Channel criticism

    Friends may mock you. Like they mocked my little entertainment business. People would ask “When are you going to get a real job?” I only made $75k a year working as a DJ 16 hr/week. Maybe I should get a “real job” so I can work 40-50 hours a week for $7.50 hr. Not!

    Family may be anything but encouraging. They know all your secrets. “Right, You? A firefighter? Wasn’t it you that burned the alley way for a full city block to include the neighbor’s privacy fence, before your 8th birthday?”

    Others may be jealous. Some look at anything you want to do, that they don’t have the courage to do and put you down for it. That is easier than facing their own failure.

    Charge on against all odds

    Know why you are rocking the boat. Have a dream, a vision, a goal, and a purpose. How else will you know when you get there?

    Face obstacles and road blocks with determination. Things and people will get in your way. Like unexpected road damage on the way to work. Do you turn around and go home? No!

    Run like Emmitt Smith, not like Deion Sanders. Deion was faster then Emmitt, taller, had better hands, and was a great all around athlete, but Emmitt holds the NFL all time leading rusher. Why? Because while they both ran with all they had, Emmitt always ran to the goal line. If he had to run through, over or around you or juke you out of your shoes, he would. Deion, on the other hand, would catch a punt or interception at the 50 yard line and run 120 yards to get to the end zone.

    Carry the torch

    Lead the revolution with passion. Be out front, take charge, take risks of reputation, of failure etc. Take the founding fathers, “We sign away our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor…”

    Influence others to join the cause. You cannot turn the boat over by yourself, unless it’s a rubber dinghy. You must “sell the need” to change the status quo. You must inspire others to desire change as well. You must influence them to take action. Challenge them to live a more excellent life.

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