When the battle stopped and the smoke cleared I could see the field before me. There were more causualties than I had expected.

Gone forever were youth, dreams of early days and the hopes of great wealth. I could hear the gasps and gurgles of my greatest aspirations as they clung to life with all their might.

I realized that a tough decision must be made. Do I stay in this fight in the condition I am in now? Will I make it to the next enemy incursion or will my battle weary state leave me easy prey for the taking? Will I find the strength to fight through or will I fall victim and lose both battle and war?

My mind was made up. I will retreat, regroup, and rejuvinate. I will seek the greatest counsel, endure the toughest training and rest my weary soul. Preparation and opportunity unite to create the greatest luck. I will prepare like I have never prepared before and I will be ready.

I will engage with grit and determination. I will embark on a journey I have seen only on the horizon before. I will charge into the sunrise of the future yet to come and return with the spoils of greatness.

Join me if you will. We will seek the face of the Almighty, pursue the wisdom of the ages and embrace the dreams of youth. Together we can take on this life with great passion and the next with confident hope.

Coming soon to a golf resort near you, the Excellent Life retreat.

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