Prosperity is not a bad word

Lazy hands make a man poor but diligent hands bring wealth.

Most people desire prosperity, but there are many who believe that to be wealthy one must participate in corruption, they do not connect honesty and character with success. If we get our riches by cheating, lying or manipulation, they will soon disappear. Others believe that riches are bad and poverty is good or that it will get them closer to God. This may be true in some cases but for the most part this is not true.

Prosperity is a reward of doing what is right through perseverance and effort. The principles of patience and hard work go hand-in-hand with lasting prosperity. When we work hard and follow good principles our efforts are rewarded with lasting success. Working hard produces feelings of self-worth and also good profits.

Prosperous people work hard. They practice patience and live with hope, which contributes to prosperity. They are disciplined and determined, sure that in time they will get to be winners. They often create something out of nothing or transform something that was leftover or wasted into something better.

Most people want to be prosperous but they do not want to pay the price to acquire prosperity correctly. It is a true saying that quitters never win and winners never quit.

  1. Our efforts will be rewarded. We will find that things will tip in our favor and our work and activities will be very satisfying.
  2. We will gain respect. If we do right and are productive there will be personal rewards and respect that will keep us motivated and our spirit will become stronger and more confident.
  3. A productive spirit will be awakened within us. We will constantly be attracting new and creative things to our lives.
  4. We will be a generator of goods, services and wealth. If we work hard and well, we will edify and build. That is what brings real prosperity.
  5. We develop into goal achievers and then we are able to influence others. When we develop our talents and strengths we will love to work because we will have a sense of accomplishment.
  6. We will create profits not just empty words. Hard work brings profits while words without actions will bring poverty. When we work hard with dedication and follow values and principles we will receive rewards and long lasting success.
  7. We will build our own future because when we are well structured we really are the builders. Wherever good values and principles are followed there will be long term prosperity.
Steps to Follow
  1. Seek prosperity and pursue it. As with everything else in life, prosperity starts when you desire it and then do the right things to create it.
  2. Work hard to become prosperous and do not give in to laziness and stinginess. When seeking right answers and the right principles you will gain confidence. Focus on the target and take action. You can do a lot of things with common sense, you will add and multiply ideas, resources and efforts, you will prosper, you will be grateful and break out of poverty and you will help others to do the same.
  3. Be a producer. Many cultures are designed to create consumers only and not producers. Be careful and don’t let anyone deceive you. When we become producers we gain influence and contribute to the good of society. Life is really in the hands of the producers of this world because they create wealth.
  4. Be patient. Always looking to get rich quick will steal your resolve to work hard and be diligent with the task at hand. Hard work over time will produce prosperity and satisfaction of a life well spent. The root word for prosperity is prosper or progress. If we experience progress in anything, we are prospering. Always look to progress in every area of life; relationships, career, health, spirituality, social life, learning and finances. That is true prosperity.


Remember… Thoughts become actions. Actions become habits. Habits become our destiny.

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