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14.95 – Live  A More Excellent Life (Paperback)
7.95  – ebook – Live  A More Excellent Life
29.00 – DVD – Attitude of Excellence

29.00 – DVD – Attitude of Appreciation – Connecting With Your Audience

59.00 – DVD – Attitude Engineering 101 mini workshop
59.00 – audio CD – Insuperable Vision Self Paced Workshop
299.00 – 3xCD, workbook, ebook – 9 Lessons of Mastery (Self Paced Study System)
2,997.00 – 3xCD, workbook, student materials ebook – 9 Lessons of Mastery Licensee


59.00 – 2hr Insuperable Vision Workshop
99.00 – 4hr Tell It Like It Is Advanced Communication Workshop
197.00 – 9 Hour More Excellent Life Workshop


LIVE A MORE EXCELLENT LIFE (book and ebook)Are you ready to blow through the barriers barring your personal potential? Are you willing to take necessary steps to unleash your dreams leaving naysayers and critics in the dust? Live a More Excellent Life will empower you to break the vicious cycle of self-defeatism and wrong thinking. Concise and easy to ready, you will learn the pit-falls, principles and rewards of pursuing your dreams. Loren Norris spells out the qualities of achievers who have resiliently mastered the ability to face failure and try again until they succeed. He offers no-nonsense wisdom on how to set, achieve and update your goals continuously, how to develop confidence through discerning your difference and how to overcome the negative words and actions of others. Norris offers a clear plan for success. Each chapter is filled with exciting stories, practical analogies and an insightful plan of action. If you are weary of dead-end opportunities, disappointment, schemes and failures, Loren’s wisdom will reveal how you can Live a More Excellent Life.

J Loren Norris delivers Attitude of Excellence for Everest College Graduation commencement speech at the Metro Center in Arlington Texas. The Attitude of Excellence demands discipline, diligence, determination and dignity. This message is motivational, inspirational and challenging.

ATTITUDE ENGINEERING 101 (mini workshop DVD)

Learn how each thought, word, attitude and action are directly linked to your current circumstances. How do you change your circumstances? How do you deal with bad habits? What do words have to do with all that?
This 1 hour presentation (a segment of the More Excellent Life Workshop) was delivered to a small group of US Veterans who are enrolled in the VetVantage Employment program in Houston, Texas.


How is this workshop experience different?
* An in-depth interactive workshop where all material is focused on the value of personal growth and reflection.
* A supportive environment to discuss life changing circumstances – both self created and survived through (bad habits, abuse, tragedies, disasters)
* Four strategic areas encompass a few lessons each that we all need to master in the course of life. Seeing. Being. Doing. Giving.
* Designed to raise awareness in these strategic areas with regard to life, business, relationships and faith.
* Offers strategies for success to better prepare for the future, create and live out the life you were made for.


Do you tell stories to sell a product, service or yourself?
Do you tell stories to lead your team?
Do you tell stories to share your life’s message?
Do you tell stories to influence others?
Then you and your team should attend this 4 hour workshop. Space is limited to allow everyone a chance to speak, practice and demonstrate mastery of the lessons learned.

Drawing from years of speaking experience, a natural gift at story telling and volumes of research Loren will teach and you will learn then practice very simple but specific tools for making your story sell!!

J Loren Norris, Toastmaster World Championship of Public Speaking Semifinalist, Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team, veteran trainer for Verizon and Dale Carnegie volunteer coach for five years will walk you through the steps to creating, crafting and telling your story in the most compelling way.


Also available as a self study program on 2 audio Cds

FIRST HOUR: 6 Qualities of an Insuperable Vision Learn what it means to have a vision that will not be stopped by everyday obstacles.
An insuperable vision will be a:
Vivid – A clear, specific, definable picture of the future you are passionate to live out.
Inspiration – Birthed from gifts and strengths within you; created by something greater than self.
Significantly – Leaving a large and unforgettable impression on those who observe your life.
Influencing – “Leadership is influence; nothing more and nothing less. People do what people see.”
Others’ – An insuperable vision is not about one’s own greatness but others’ potential illuminated.
Nobility – Trustworthy, honest and compassionate character worthy of modeling.
SECOND HOUR: 6 Essential Building Blocks of an Insuperable Vision. This framework has proven to challenge the approach most people follow to living out their dreams. You will begin building a vision that will motivate, inspire and  drive you to employ your greatest skills, talents and passions to Live A More Excellent Life.

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Compassionate, real and humorous, Loren impacts the lives of everyone he meets. He inspires audiences with wisdom, motivation, and hope. His story is transparent and transforming … His life is a refreshing “victim to victor story” … one that will encourage the heart of any audience. Loren frequently reminds audiences, “Regardless of your past; the mistakes you have made and what has been ‘done to you’, how you see you and the attitude you carry through life will determine your future.”

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