Productivity – the beginning of success

A lazy man won’t even dress the game he gets while hunting, but the productive man makes good use of everything he finds.

The root word of productivity is to produce or be fertile. It is the result of an activity. To be fertile is to be able to produce or reproduce. We say, “good land is fertile land.”   This means the land is valuable because it has an ability to produce. However, land without managed activity does not make us wealthy. It is the activity or productivity that we do on the land that develops the land’s potential.   In every man and woman there is also potential. You have to make good use of everything you have in order to develop it.  “Productivity is never an accident.  It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.” (Paul J. Meyer)  If everyone is productive, we build a prosperous society. Lack of productive activities is what creates poverty.  If we consume more than we produce, we will go bankrupt.

One thing that takes away from the productivity of many organizations and individuals is that a lot of time and resource is wasted.  Once those things are lost, they can never be recovered.  Time wasters at work include engaging in personal email, unnecessary phone conversations and making non-work related stops (if you work on the road). These activities keep us from being productive and accomplishing what we could. Resources lost could be tangible items like wasted parts and supplies or intangibles like not taking an opportunity to learn and improve your skills.

As a productive person, your goal is to increase your value by learning whenever you can, using resources wisely, developing new ideas and staying on task. Productivity is the way towards progress, growth and a positive future.



You will reap many benefits from being a productive person:

  1. You will feel a sense of accomplishment when you get things done. You’ll feel good about yourself!
  2. You will be valued and respected by others for the contributions that you make.
  3. You will be trusted because you are conscious of time and use your resources wisely.
  4. Your work will have purpose because you are not just doing a job – you are developing your potential. Ultimately, you will grow both in ability and as a person. This growth will benefit you in every area of your life.




A productive person possesses these attributes:

  • They desire to get things done. They don’t allow distractions to pull their focus from what they want to accomplish. They keep working, creating and developing.
  • They value ideas and are motivated to work to achieve them.
  • They consistently look for opportunities to develop their potential.
  • They are inspired to influence others to work towards a common purpose.
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