Please wait to try this.

Seriously. Wait. If you cannot commit the next 30-45 minutes, without interruption or distraction, you will not have the focus to complete this exercise to the full extent and that will water down the impact.

Vision Exercise

You will need at least five blank pieces of paper, a pencil or pen , your thinking cap and a clear head.

On sheet #1, you should answer these questions:

  • What is the most important THING in my life?

  • ie. possession, belief, education, faith

  • Who is/ are the most important person (people)?

  • What is the one thing I would never want to give up?

  • What is the one thing/ person/ idea I would trade everything I have to keep/ defend or protect?

  • Who or what would I literally step in front of a bus to save?

 On sheet #2 – Assuming there was NOTHING stopping you

  • What job/ career/ vocation would you have?

  • What company would you work for?

  • What would you do for a hobby?

  • Where would you go on vacation?

  • Who would be the close and significant people in your life?

  • Where would you live?

  • What would your house look like?

  • What would your education level/ type be?

 On sheet #3

What part of sheet #2 is already true?

For each one that is not true – number them and tell why?

 On sheet #4

List the obstacles that prevent you today from making these things happen in the next 24 hours. We will discuss barriers, wall and pegs later.

 On sheet #5

List the things you would need to do to make all of sheet #2 become reality. These are goals you need to set, habits that need to be banished or established to reach those goals.

 On the back of sheet #5

In a paragraph form, write the answers to every question on sheet #2. Use POSITIVE, POWERFUL, PRESENT TENSE words! What does a more excellent life look like to you? Like Birmingham?

Read that vision statement out loud five times. Now, fold all five pages together and insert them inside the back cover of this book and leave them there until you finish the book. You will refer to them often and perhaps even make changes along the way. But for now, put them away.

Hopefully, you are beginning to see that your vision and goals must be consistent. Consistent with your core values, your why and your passionate pursuit of a more excellent life.

Soon we will begin to discover habits that are driving your activities today and decide where they fit or conflict with your vision.

If you benefited from this exercise, imagine the impact of completing it with a dozen or more people sharing in the experience with you. Consider participating in the Live A More Excellent Life Workshop.

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