Personal Branding with Michelle Villalobos

Personal Branding with Michelle Villalobos

Posted on March 27, 2012 by Dr. Alok Trivedi

Michelle Villalobos is an expert in personal branding, networking, referral marketing, and the unique challenges women face in business.   She has over 13 programs to guide people, primarily women, to get ahead in business.  She explains how Personal Branding is all about positioning yourself as a credible expert in your field.  One of the most important aspects is being authentic, from your brand, your head shot, your website and to yourself.  Don’t mold yourself into what you think you should be, be who you are in order to excel.

Michelle also discusses some common issues within companies.  She knows that interpersonal problems in a company is time consuming, decreases morale, decreases efficiency and in the end there is no open communication.  She starts at the top knowing that’s where most problems begin and works her way through the team to uncover the real issues.  She helps people have the “ah-ha moment” which happens at the beginning of any paradigm shift.

Listen in to this great interview with one of Miami’s “Top 20 under 40″, Michelle Villalobos.

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