Frustrated? Check your vision.

“I need to see the eye doctor again, I think my vision is getting worse.” She tried for the fourth or fifth time to wipe the lenses clean with her towel and the sense of frustration and doom.

She was nearly in tears by the time I reached for my glasses to discover they were gone. When I started to giggle at her and traded glasses with her she laughed as she realized the problem was not her eyes, but the lenses she was look at the world through.

A number of times in my life I worked for someone else and could not align myself with their vision. It created that same sense of dread that failure was immanent. I found myself working harder and harder and feeling less and less productive in the end.

I have also known people with similar challenges. They work in a career field that is not in their nature or bent. They struggle and strain to find success and yet it seems to allude them. They go back to school, get another degree, gain more experience in the field and still they cannot find contentment.

If you can identify with this feeling and discontent, perhaps you are wrestling with the same issue: “that is not your vision.”

Here are three things you can leverage to find your vision and see more clearly where you are and where you want to be next.

1. What really lights your fire? Think about the things you like to do. What do you get emotional about when you picture yourself doing it? That is likely very close to what you were made to do.

2. What do you find yourself to be the best at? When you are doing this thing and people see you, they are amazed at your level of expertise or accomplishment. You seem to be better at this than anyone around you and with very little effort. This is likely close to what you were gifted and talented to do.

3. Can you think of anyone who would pay you to do what lights your fire and what you are the best at? If so, then you should be about the business finding an opportunity to perfect that talent or service and build a business plan around it.

When you have determined your vision, begun the process of perfecting it, and built a business plan around, you can begin to share that vision with others.

Just keep in mind that much frustration can come from asking others to participate in your business plan who do not share your vision. Vision casting becomes very important at this point. Tell your story and the point behind your vision.

Align yourself and your success with those who are just as excited about your vision as you are.

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