New blog and email series for 2016.

"Principles for Excellent Life Leadership."

Here are just a few of the blog titles we will tackle in 2016 on

  • Our thoughts vs Gods thoughts
  • A managers thoughts vs a leaders thoughts
  • A followers thoughts vs a leaders
  • Singles thoughts vs marrieds thoughts
  • Parents thoughts vs child’s thoughts
  • Parents thoughts vs teens
  • Moms thoughts vs dads
  • Thoughts vs behavior
  • Subconscious thought vs conscious
  • Conscious thoughts vs autonomic/involuntary behavior
  • Thought vs willpower
  • Fantasy vs imagination


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Compassionate, real and humorous, Loren impacts the lives of everyone he meets. He inspires audiences with wisdom, motivation, and hope. His story is transparent and transforming … His life is a refreshing “victim to victor story” … one that will encourage the heart of any audience. Loren frequently reminds audiences, “Regardless of your past; the mistakes you have made and what has been ‘done to you’, how you see you and the attitude you carry through life will determine your future.”

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