My Clarity Chart Results

Here is the results of the exercise from the High Performance Academy I enrolled in with Brendon Burchard. I am also reading the book #Charge and compiling my notes.

I have provided you with the results of my own deep thoughts and reflections as guided by Brendon. I would encourage you strongly to PICK UP THE BOOK and when it is next available enroll in HPA. You will find this exercise in the chapter beginning on page 82.

Here is what I have discovered, decided and determined about me on this journey:

Clarity chart for daily reflection.

Daily reflect on these 9 KEY choices
Rate performance on a scale of 1-10 at the end of each day.

REMEMBER: “Clarity does not come TO you. It always comes FROM you. Clarity comes from repeated focus. We do not send energy to the power plant. The plant generates it.” BB

Live into your best self by living with continual focus on the IDEALS that represent your best self.

Each of the following nine words describe the WHO that I want to become. They will define the decisions I make, what I say to and about myself, the way I interact with others and the way I move forward in my business.

SELF – How I think of myself?
PASSIONATE – Living for what I care about most, deeply invested in results
GRACIOUS – Openly, lovingly, forgiving to all people and accepting of all people.
WISE – Knowing who to trust, Knowing what words to say or keep to myself. Be a seeker of wisdom and be challenged to know more.

INTERACTION – How I behave in relationships
COMPASSIONATE – More aware of others wants, needs, desires with a passion for their success and freedom
ENGAGED – Give others the attention they deserve and not a slighted focus
INSPIRING – Be a caring, thoughtful and expressive leader, mentor and creativity driver for others. “Find what inspires them and activate it.” BB

SUCCESS MARKERS – What I focus on with laser like focus and take action on. Things that move the needle most
MODELING – Seek qualified mentors. Doing what others before me have done to create success in their lives and the lives of those around them
ROUTINE – Doing the key things everyday – the steps to the goals of each project and ambition with self discipline and focus (Includes spiritual, relational, professional, and personal psychologically and physiologically)
HARD WORK – Diligence applied to doing whatever it takes to get things done. Paying the price, making sacrifices. Creating wins.

I WILL REFLECT on these daily.
I WILL PLAN for tomorrow especially #8 & #9

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