Moldy pizza in the box?

Insuperable Vision Training

How disappointed would you be if you bought a beautiful puzzle, took it home to put it together and opened the box to find a moldy piece of pizza? You would be heart broken! What if all the beautiful pieces were in the box with the picture of moldy pizza on the outside?

I am convinced, the moldy pizza is the picture many have of their future, but the beautiful picture is yet to be drawn. Join us on Friday October 19th and draw your own picture from all the beautiful pieces you have inside. It is time to live the life YOU were made for, not the life others made for you.

Most people have a picture of their life that was drawn by someone else. It is a picture of limitations, false starts, no passion and disappointment. More people everyday awake to a job they hate or no job at all. Along with their financial dreams, their hope is beginning to fade.

An Insuperable Vision is one that knows that tough times are not going to stop, but is a vision driven by the greatest passions and gifts within you to do what you alone were made to do. Insuperable Vision, is better than JOB TRAINING, it is YOU TRAINING!

Thanks to a very generous benefactor the workshop for October 19th will now be FREE for both hours and LUNCH. All you have to do is RSVP to reserve your seat and give us a head count for lunch. Please let me know soon.

10 am: 6 Qualities of an Insuperable Vision FREE

Learn what it means to have a vision that will not be stopped by everyday obstacles. This presentation is FREE and begins at 10am.

11 am: 6 Essential Building Blocks of an Insuperable Vision $59 FREE
This framework has proven to challenge the approach most people follow to living out their dreams. You will begin building a vision that will motivate, inspire and drive you to employ your greatest skills, talents and passions to Live A More Excellent Life.

  • Event will be held at City Life Center, 915 Florence Street, Fort Worth.
  • You must RSVP jlorennorris to reserve your seat.

Email jlorennorris for information or to register.

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Compassionate, real and humorous, Loren impacts the lives of everyone he meets. He inspires audiences with wisdom, motivation, and hope. His story is transparent and transforming … His life is a refreshing “victim to victor story” … one that will encourage the heart of any audience. Loren frequently reminds audiences, “Regardless of your past; the mistakes you have made and what has been ‘done to you’, how you see you and the attitude you carry through life will determine your future.”

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