Maintaining Focus

Looking into the abyss that is your frustration, you might decide there is no map for your success. You might come to the conclusion that you will never get out of this rut, over these obstacles or even one step closer to the vision you long for. Be patient. Be persistent and look around you. Emmit Smith holds many records. His running style has much to do with zeal, determination, passion, dedication, endurance, toughness and perseverance. Without these elements, he would not be the success he is today. But there is one other ingredient that must be blended equally with all of them. Without this final ingredient none of them would be enough.

Ask anyone about the key factor to Emmit’s football success and the answer will be short and powerful. Vision. He had vision as a runner. The ability to look up from the mass of humanity closing in on him and see the daylight. When he did catch that glimpse, he ran for the light with all he was worth.

Even where you stand right now there is a glimmer of hope. Look closer. There, under the tree, deep in the shadows, between the branches, do you see that red spot? That’s it. Make your way to that spot and you just might find it is the big red X marking the place where your destiny awaits.

You have a map now. Watch the signs. They may look like the white crosses of those who went before you and did not survive. Don’t go there. They may be the perfectly manicured lawn and impeccably cared for home of your boss or your neighbor. Ask where they have been and what you could do to follow. Be patient, work hard and look intently for the small glimpses of hope sparkling like daylight through the trees.

Remember that buried treasures are buried to keep others from stealing them. You will have to make investments to get to them. You must be willing to invest your time, talent, treasure and attention in this endeavor. Buried treasures do not move. They will not come to you. Go get them.

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