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Live Events by Leadership Coach J Loren Norris

“I went to a 4 hour workshop that the Speaker, J. Loren Norris put on this past Saturday. I’ve been to 100’s of things like this, and I sat there and thought, man, I wished I hadn’t signed up for this………And within 10 minutes, I was blown away. I say this because I believe that you too will benefit from what he has to teach. He has a gift for communication. He also has the gift of listening, and we ALL need to do a better job of that. We can serve our clients and co-workers and each other so much better if we LISTEN better. People are telling us what they want, we just don’t hear them and don’t always respond in a way that they hear. Sounds simple huh? Loren makes it simple, easy and fun.” ~ Ralph Grimes ~ Kennedale Chamber Ambassador


Excellent Life Leadership Seminar

The Excellent Life Seminar is an in-depth interactive workshop. The material is focused on the value of personal growth and deep reflection. The four strategic areas encompass twelve total lessons that many of us work hard to master in the course of life. These are areas that are not often talked about in light of overcoming tragedies, overwhelming past events, and being passed by due to bad decisions. This boot camp is designed to raise awareness in these areas of life with regard to business and relationships, then offer strategies for success in recreating and living out the life you were made for. We will talk about bad habits, inspiration, abuse, tragedies, hope and disasters that you have created and survived through. We will also address how to better prepare for the future.

Communication Inspired Leadership Workshop

People every day stand up and ask for help only to walk away with empty hands because they cannot connect with the people to whom they wish to appeal. More sales have been lost, more visions not embraced and more causes not joined due to poor communication than by any other means. Good communication is an essential key to sales. Effective communication is also an essential key to management, leadership and success in general and it is a skill to be learned, practiced and mastered.

Insuperable Vision Workshop

FIRST HOUR: 6 Qualities of an Insuperable Vision Learn what it means to have a vision that will not be stopped by everyday obstacles. SECOND HOUR: 6 Essential Building Blocks of an Insuperable Vision This framework has proven to challenge the approach most people follow to living out their dreams. You will begin building a vision that will motivate, inspire and drive you to employ your greatest skills, talents and passions to Live A More Excellent Life.

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Sponsorships and Scholarships of Live Events

If you represent a Group Leader, HR Director, Church Leadership, Chamber of Commerce or other local Civic organization that would like to host a workshop or sponsor several people to attend discounted rates may apply. If you are an individual, please let me know if you would like to sponsor someone else to attend. Email me at

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