Live A More Excellent Life Workshop – Sneak Preview

The workshop will be 8 hours (1-9 pm) – held on March 25th in Dallas at 1451 Empire Central Suite 700.

Here’s a sneak peek at the outline for the course. See the video preview here.

Workshop starts promptly at 1 pm

  •  Introduction – Why Live A More Excellent Life
  • Paint Me A Birmingham – How do you create a compelling vision that drives you toward change?
  • Peg Moments – What is holding you back from years of abuse or misguided intent?
  • Boat Rockers – How can you take preemptive action to avoid disastrous results?
  • Butcher paper and a head of lettuce – Is that your problem? Who do you talk to about it?
  • Wrecking ball – What sort of problems require that you simply start over?
  • Elephant seeds, green Buicks & bouncing Betty’s – Who started it? Can you see it more clearly now? What if you don’t?
  • Treasure map – Can you see the danger signs and signs of opportunity?
  • 30 minute dinner break
  • Checkbook and a diary – Do you manage to measure your time, talent, treasure and attention?
  • Rat-tail comb and a stick man – The secret to real change for the better.
  • Antique looking glass – Do you like the person you see in the mirror?
  • A will & a 1099 – Create an inheritance the IRS cannot touch!
  • Close and wrap up – feedback and follow up?

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If you are seriously interested in attending, I want you there. Call or email me and we will make a way.

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