Leadership Lesson #1,206: Life is filled with painful moments

Life is filled with painful moments, stupid mistakes and mean people.

I have personally experienced the loss of loved ones, being a victim of abuse and assault, the shame and embarrassment of losing our family home to the bank and the guilt of 10,000 stupid mistakes.

Maintaining a positive and loving attitude is hard work. I have learned a handful of steps to do just that. If I could share those steps would you want to know them?

If you could teach yourself and your “non religious” friends what it means to:

“Take every thought captive”
“Cast all your cares on Him”
“Think on these things”
“Become what you think about”
“Renew your mind”

Without the “Christianese” that they are often confused by, would you be interested?

These are the points and the process of Excellent Life Leadership. I would love for you and you friends to consider this life changing journey.

If you have a desire to be mentored but cannot afford it, ask me. We have sponsored scholarships to cover part or all of the costs.

Don’t let $$ keep you from gaining control of your thoughts and your life.

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