Leadership. Vision. Communications. Building blocks.

Is it me or has the church taken all the building blocks we were meant to build the kingdom with and instead built excuses?

Time. Money. Relationships. Music. Communication. Leadership. Vision.

Our goal seems to be, use these elements to build a building, create a vision that includes music to draw the people into that building and create relationships with those people that will keep them coming back. That’s a pretty healthy church model.

Its also a pretty good excuse NOT to sacrifice our very selves, wishes, wants and desires. Sacrifice our stuff, even our relationships with other humans so that we may enter the holy of holies and have relationship with Him.

“Bread, wine, candle light… Sounds like an intimate dinner for two, but that’s how God describes the Holy of Holies.”

Zach Neese (page 185) in HOW TO WORSHIP A KING.


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