Leadership is like a stroke

When someone needs medical attention they call 911. But too often like a heart attack or stroke, by the time symptoms are obvious it may be too late.

In recent years technology has given us medical advances and improvements in communication resulting in greater chances of survival for victims of stroke and heart failure.

Sadly leadership failure does not have the same number of trained rapid responders. The forms of communication and information needed for speedy recovery are simply not on the minds of the general public in the same way.

There is no 3 digit number to dial when leadership failure happens. Few individuals have been trained to spot early warning signs and prevention is a daunting task left in the hands of far too few.

Thankfully there is a Team of certified Leadership rescue personelle who are trained to spot the symptoms of leadership at risk  and administer the proper remedy.

My name is J Loren Norris. I am a trained first responder both as a fire fighter and leadership coach.

Do not let a stroke irreparably damage your quality of life and do not let leadership failure permanently damage your reputation or your business!

Call me BEFORE the symptoms arise!

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