Leadership begins with self mastery

You cannot manage what you do not track. Keep track of how you spend all forms of life’s currency.

I once resigned from a part-time job in the same meeting where the boss had called me in to offer a raise and a promotion. When they were stunned and asked me why I replied, “The power, prestige and extra hours that come with the position are a flattering offer. The extra money would be nice. But the time it would take away from my young boys could cost me thousands of dollars later in therapy, rehab or attorney fees when the lack of my influence impacts their teen years. That is not a fair exchange in my book and the deficit is not a price I am willing to pay.”

I have been known to reschedule client meetings around scout meetings and basketball games. If your family is your priority, are you willing to pay the price to invest the time they need from you for their own success?

You only get one life to spend as you wish. The currency of this life is simple: time, talent, treasure and attention. Where you spend, waste or invest that currency is your choice.

It is also indicative of the path you will follow and the destination you will reach in your journey.

  • When you spend more time at work than you spend sharing a meal with your kids, they make songs about you.
  • When your talent is hidden away while you make a living, your true power and influence are wasted and not invested.
  • When your money owns you, you are not in control of your future.
  • When you cannot focus your attention on the task at hand because your unintentional way of living brings about too many distractions, your vision becomes blurry, faint, or vanishes in the fog.

We talked about your WHY in the first chapter[Live A More Excellent Life]. Here is where the rubber meets the road. “Where your treasure is, that’s where your heart will be.” All that means is: I can see what is important to you, what motivates you, what your priorities are by what you are doing now with the currencies of life.


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